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Azam Flour Mills


Bakhressa Food Products


Upanga west, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania



Total capacity:

20 floors



Project Summary:

Start date October 2001
Completion date January 2003

Project status:


Interesting fact:

The mill has 3 godowns,
approximately 3000m2
each, which is larger than
a football field.

This is one of many projects Estim Construction has been involved in, with the Bakhressa Group over our 25 year history

This project involved construction of a wheat mill within a specified time
frame. This was necessary in order to accommodate installation of all
equipment to meet the commissioning deadline.

The scope included the construction of the following:

  • A six storey milling building, 27m high, reinforced with a concrete frame structure to create an area of approximately 4000m2.
  • A 27m high cleaning/tempering building with eight bins, constructed with reinforced concrete walls.
  • A wheat intake building that is 40m high with three levels of basement
  • Six silos constructed in structural steel on a piled raft foundation
  • There are a total of 12 storage bins (six for flour and six for bran). Each is 27m high, and constructed from reinforced concrete wall.