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Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Selected KMC roads ( DMDP – Package 3)


Kinondoni Municipal Council





Total capacity:

Total of 7 km



Project Summary:

Start Year – 2017


Project status:

On Going

Interesting fact:

The whole area is Army Head Quarters

DMDP Package 3 was rehabilitation of External Army Road of 1.3km, the whole area is a head quarter for Army. The second rehabilitation was Maji Chumvi to Kilungule road of 2.8km and thereafter from Kilungule to Korogwe of 2.9km.

Some part of the project was challenging due to weather conditions, but with Estim’s specialist knowledge and extensive project experience in the civil area we managed to complete the project on time and with great quality.

The third portion of the project the Kilungule – Korogwe, we had to construct 3 box culverts along the road.

Box Culverts are useful structure for civil work as they used for inlets and outtakes, holding tanks, steam tunnels, corridor links, road crossings, service tunnels and utility trenches

Additional work included road safety features as well as fitting of proper drainage systems, we made sure to clear out walk-way area for pedestrians’ safety, used kerbstones to separate walk area and the highroads and solar streetlights all along the roads.