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Azam Mbagala


Bakhressa Food Products


Upanga west, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania



Total capacity:

20 floors


12000 sq m

Project Summary:

Start date May 2009
Completion date May 2015

Project status:

On going

Interesting fact:

Currently the facilities have
the capacity to produce 2.88
Million bottles of Soda per day.

This project involves construction of various food manufacturing facilities for the Azam Group.

We have completed construction of nine facilities, with two ongoing. These facilities range in size from 6,000m2 to 16,000m2, with height varying between 8m to 12m. The total built up area at present is 75,500m2.

We also had to complete works for ancillary buildings such as the fruit ripening chambers and the waste water treatment plant. Due to the location of the project, localized infrastructure was also part of the scope and included 37,000m2 internal roads, a parking area, 3000m of drainage and a specialized underground water conveyor that is 340 metres long.