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Bagamoyo – Msata Road




Bagamoyo to Msata



Total capacity:

64 Km – 2 Lane



Project Summary:

Start date September 2010
Completion date June 2014

Project status:


Interesting fact:

A total of 1,622,000m³
of earthworks completed.

The project involved upgrading the gravel road to a bitumen standard. The clients were very happy with the outcome and as a result awarded Estim with the design and construction of a steel girder bridge to connect Bagamoyo and Msata. This additional work period is estimated at 18 months

The area presented a challenging topography of black cotton soil and swampy terrain. Estim engineers however were up for the challenge and managed to work around the problem by deploying methods necessary to overcome the difficulties and complete the construction.

Quality control of all material used was conducted by Estim Construction under the supervision of JBG to ensure all the standards were met.

Ancillary work included road safety features as well as installation of proper drainage systems, installing a weighbridge, bridge and culvert boxes, and constructing a railway crossing as part of the road section. Site camps and offices were also established.

Health and safety of the workers was given utmost importance to ensure no accidents and injuries occurred.