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PSPF Twin Tower


Public Service Pension Fund(PSPF)


Mission Street,

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania


Residential & Commercial Building

Total capacity:

35 Floors



Project Summary:

Completed Year 2016

Project status:


Interesting fact:

One of the tallest building in Dar Es Salaam with the height of 157m.

This Project was a Twin Tower Building, both residential and commercial.

In Estim we pride in being Tanzania leading contactors, with abilities and commitment of our team members.

This project was one of the tallest building in Tanzania. From the facade to the core, the structure is extraordinarily lovely to look at.

The Buildings have basement parking, with ground floor being a retail area, from there on 1st to 3rd floor is parking area again followed by residential area from 4th to 21st Floor and lastly Commercial area from 22nd to 31st Floor.

Each Tower has 4 Lifts, 2 Escalators and service lifts. The Swimming Pool is built in the middle of the two towers.