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Tanzania Port Authority – TPA


Tanzania Port Authority


Gerezani Street,

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania


Office Building

Total capacity:

40 Floors



Project Summary:

Start Year 2012

Completed Year 2016

Project status:


Interesting fact:

One of the tallest building in Dar Es Salaam with the height of 162m.

These Project is a commercial building, it’s the head office of the Tanzania Port Authority.

Estim’s team of expertise, made it possible to deliver great quality of work. Attention focused on details and built to last. We pride in our highly skilled and dedicated team.

The building has 40 Floors with 2 Basement Facilities. With conference hall, which can hold up to 1200 people at a time. The top floor has a revolving platform for the great view of the city.

It is an Exclusive Steamer Shaped Building, giving it an extra ordinary look. Being one of the tallest building in Dar Es Salaam, it is surely one of the kinds, with its impressive construction design, and the building structure.